Mysterious Flowers on Caroline Walter's Grave

In 1867, Caroline Christine Walter died in Freiburg, Germany. On her gravestone a realistic life-sized sculpture was made and erected. For over 145 years, someone has regularly put the same bouquet of flowers underneath the sculpture's arm. Who places them there, no one knows. Every morning, under summer’s sun and winter’s snow, a fresh flower has been placed on her grave.

At the time she was living with her sister and her husband in Freiburg, Germany; they were very happy. However, in the early summer of 1867, just before she turned 17, Caroline was suffering from tuberculosis and passed away a few short weeks later. Caroline had many admirers because she was so beautiful, so many mourned her untimely death. 

Her sister Selma decided to create a lasting memorial and asked a sculptor to cast a grave in her sister’s likeness. The life size and life like sculpture depicts Caroline just as if she fell asleep reading in her own bed. Then they placed the memorial on the outside edge of the Alter Friedhof cemetery
which had already been in existence for more than 200 years. The inscription at the foot of the “bed” mentions it was given in Caroline’s memory by her loving sister Selma and that their separation must have been ordained by God’s counsel.
Soon after she passed away, and the flowers on her grave from the funeral were wilting, someone left flowers every day, but no one, not even the groundskeepers, could find out who it was. The years progressed, the family passed away, anyone who knew Caroline had passed away, and still every morning a fresh flower blooms on the dead girl’s grave.


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  1. How do you people know that someone has been placing flowers for 148 years?? Hasn't anyone spied to find out? And use of technology, I mean cameras?? And who said that flowers were being placed there 20 years ago or 40 years ago or 60 years ago or 100 years ago also?? It maybe that someone has started liking the gravestone and places flowers for last some years, that has made a story... Is there any documented evidence or witnesses who said the same story 20 years, 40, 60, 100 years back also?? Why hasn't anyone spied to find out?? Strange!


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