Houska Castle The Entrance Gate of Hell

The Houska Castle (Hrad Houska) was built over a hole in the ground said to open up to a terrifying netherworld, complete with winged, half-animal creatures that would occasionally fly out and cause a mess. The castle was never intended as a home, but rather as a way to cover the hole and keep the demons out. One tale says that when the castle was built, a pardon would be granted to any prisoner who volunteered to descend into the hole. One man did, and began screaming after a few minutes. When he was hauled out, he was discovered to have aged 30 years.

Houska Castle, is an early Gothic castle, 47 km north of Prague, in the Czech Republic. It is one of the best preserved castles of the period. The mysterious castle was built in the first half of the 13th century probably on the orders of Bohemian ruler Ottokar II of Bohemia during his reign (1253–1278) to serve as an administration center from which the extensive royal estates could be managed. Later it passed to the hands of the aristocracy, frequently passing from the ownership of one to another. In 1584–1590 it underwent Renaissance-style modifications, losing none of its fortress features as it looks down from a steep rocky cliff. In the 18th century it ceased to serve as a noble residence and fell into a state of disrepair before being renovated in 1823. In 1897 it was purchased by Princess Hohenlohe and in 1924, the times of the First Republic, bought by the President of Škoda, Josef Šimonek.
The Houska Castle

In the center of the castle is a chapel, built over a huge, bottomless well and it's believed that this well is the gateway to Hell. The castle walls are covered with depictions of dragons being slain and one picture shows a left-handed archer, supposedly the only left-handed archer ever known.

Over the centuries, people have reported seeing a huge, evil creature which looks like a cross between a human being, a giant frog and a bulldog. According to folklore, during the original construction of the castle, workers were brought in from local prisons and offered a pardon for their crimes if they'd agree to be lowered by rope into the depths of the well. Seconds after the first man was lowered they heard horrific screaming and pulled him back out. The man, whose hair was now snow white, had aged 30 years in just those few minutes.

Due to the isolated and indefensible location, researchers believe that Houska Castle was never meant to be used as a fortress to keep intruders out. Rather, it was built to keep the forces of Hell from getting out into the world.





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