Nam Koo Terrace The Haunted House

The Wan Chai Haunted House or Nam Koo Terrace is a Grade I Historic Building located at No. 55 Ship Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong, China. The two-storey red brick building was built in c.1915-1921 and owned by a wealthy Shanghai merchant family by the name of To. It sits on the top of the granite-laid steps from Ship Street which before the 1921 reclamation overlooked Victoria Harbour. The two-storey red brick house got a reputation for being haunted after its owner To Chak-man died of unknown causes inside it during WWII. 
Nam Koo Terrace
People who have entered the building say there is just something plain wrong with the feel of the place. What it feels like at night they are not quite sure, as not many people are brave, or stupid enough, to visit it after the sun goes down.

Nam Koo Terrace is also known as a suicide house, a location where people come to end their own lives. As recently as 2010 bodies have been recovered from the rooms of the house, or cut down from the branches of the gardens trees. It is not known how many people have ended their lives in the house, but estimates put it at higher than 30. Murder is also said to have taken place on the grounds several times.


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